PUBG Mobile ALL Leaks of 0.16.0 Update

PUBG Mobile is quick enough to launch newer and better updates now and then which is the only reason the game is still topping the charts. With the PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update we all saw the Season 10 update, which is going on right now. It is not even a month, the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Beta version is up for download to the public. As seen in the 0.16.0 beta of PUBG Mobile, there has been a plenty new features, two new modes, snowy Erangel map and other additions that we have discussed below. Now let us discuss every leak that will be coming in the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update next month.

What’s Coming in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update?

PUBG Mobile developers are always performing on new features, modes and other aspects to form PUBG Mobile tons more entertaining and enjoyable at an equivalent time. Thus, every new PUBG Mobile Update brings new features, improvements and other additions to form the sport better and fun to play. Following are the new additions which will be coming with the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update.

– Snow in Erangel

Winter is coming, not just at the place you live but in PUBG Mobile as well. Not the whole Erangel Map will be covered in snow, but some hilly areas that are located at higher altitudes.

The places which will be covered in snow are:

  • Stalber
  • Georgopol Mountains
  • Mountains located between School and Pochinki

As per the PUBG Mobile Beta version, these snow covered places will have level 3 loot along side exotic weapons and other S class loot. Along with that, the chances of finding a flare gun will be quite higher at these places. You will also be able to hope on a snowboard and perform snowboarding. There will also be a rope way to carry you to these snowy mountains in case you could not find a vehicle. Also, almost like the Halloween mode that we saw earlier this mode will just be random and there’ll be no choice to manually play an equivalent .

– New Rager Gear Map – TDM

There will be two new modes which will be coming in with the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update, the craze Gear TDM and therefore the Rage Gear Pickup. Both these modes will be quite similar as you will be competing with your opponents in a derby styled match. Both you and therefore the opponent teams will have 3 vehicles to chose from that’s Dacia, Buggy and UAZ along side 3 weapons to chose from including RPG, MGL Grenade Launcher and M249 LMG.

– TPP to FPP Switch

Ever wanted to switch to FPP while spraying with your M416 or from FPP to TPP while snaking around. Now it’s possible with the new Perspective switch button. There will be a tiny button that you can place anywhere according to your convenience and switch from TPP to FPP or FPP to TPP while in a match. It is still confusing and not confirmed if this button will be present in the classic matches as well or just in the training grounds. This button is known as “FPP Swap” button and can be toggled from the game’s basic settings.

Heal On The Go

If this makes it through the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 beta version to the final global version then would prove to be quite a handy feature for all of us. Currently we cannot heal while in a moving car or while walking, but with this feature we can easily heal even while sprinting. This will make the game more challenging and easier at the same time.

– Customizable Emote Button

The emote button is currently fixed to the top right corner of the screen and cannot be moved. Though, this might not be a big deal to be able to move the emote button but still might come in handy for many players.

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